Wuhan Benjamin Pharmaceutical Chemical Co.,Ltd
Contact:Tina Ma
Phone: 15827067490
Tel: 86-27-52341789
Mail: sales01@benjaminpharmchem.com
Main product: pharmaceutical intermediates , APIs, Cosmetic Ingredients and so on.
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DL-Homocysteinethiolactone hydrochloride
DL-Homocysteinethiol (6038-19-3) FOB Price: 50 Kilogram/USD
Tropinone CAS No: 532-24-1
Tropinone CAS No: 53 (532-24-1) FOB Price: 150 Kilogram/US
DIATRIZOIC ACID 117- (117-96-4) FOB Price: 1 Kilogram/USD
4-Cyanobenzyl bromide 17201-43-3
4-Cyanobenzyl bromid (17201-43-3) FOB Price: 105 Kilogram/US
1-Methyl-aminomethyl naphthalene
1-Methyl-aminomethyl (14489-75-9) FOB Price: 31 Kilogram/USD
1-Chloro-6,6-dimethy (83554-69-2) FOB Price: 90 Kilogram/USD
N-Methyl-1-naphthalenemethylamine hydrochloride
N-Methyl-1-naphthale (65473-13-4) FOB Price: 42 Kilogram/USD
5-Bromoindole (10075-50-0) FOB Price: 100 Kilogram/US
5-Nitroindole 6146-52-7
5-Nitroindole 6146-5 (6146-52-7) FOB Price: 550 Kilogram/US
3-benzyl-6-bromo-2-methoxyquinoline / 654655-69-3
3-benzyl-6-bromo-2-m (654655-69-3) FOB Price: 2650 Kilogram/U
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Name:Wuhan Benjamin Pharmaceutical Chemical Co.,Ltd
Category:Professional Association
Trade Category: Other
Registered Time:2013
Registered Capital:US$501 Thousand - US$1 Million
Legal Representative:Cindy Zhu
Employees:51 - 100 People
Address:Guanshan Road, Hongshan District
Product/Service:pharmaceutical intermediates , APIs, Cosmetic Ingredients and so on.

Wuhan Benjamin Pharmaceutical Chemical Co., Ltd is engaged in research,sales and technology service for Pharmaceutical and chemical products.Our production base are in Shandong and Hubei. We have R&a...
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Organization code certificate - Quality and Technical Supervision 2012-05-29~2017-05-28  Verified
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